Draconis - [Home]
Draconis Entertainment develops interactive software products with a primary focus on games for the blind and visually impaired on a variety of platforms....

ICS - HCI: Games > Access Invaders
The game can be played in Windows and GNU/Linux. It can be concurrently played by individuals with different abilities and preferences, including people with disabilities, e.g., low-vision, blind and hand-motor impaired.

New1000AD | Text Based Games | Multiplayer Strategy War Games
New 1000 AD is an updated version of the classic text based game 1000 AD. You can control 10 different medieval civilizations based around the year 1000 AD. You are the leader of a small empire. Explore for new land, build farms, use forests for wood and

BSC Games
BSC Games created a fairly large selection of popular arcade titles, both commercial and free, throughout the mid 2000s as well as several pieces of accessible software.....

PB Games
PB Games created several commercial and free titles in the mid 2000s. Their games have since been abandoned, and released as freeware.

Accessible chess tutor 
The Accessible Chess Tutor (ACT) is a software package that allows visually disabled people to learn and play chess.

Adventure At C:
Adventure At C: is an audio game designed for the visually impaired. It is a fun and difficult audio game designed to put your gaming skills to the test! The controls are easy to remember, which makes learning to play the game a fast process. For more in

Age of Fable
Age of Fable.....

Airik the Cleric - Breakerbox StudiosCollect crystals and items, complete quests and vanquish evil in this epic real-time audio adventure with zelda like game play. Many gamers enjoyed the

Draconis - [DynaMan for Windows]
Draconis - [DynaMan for Windows]....

Alien Adoption
We support blind and visually impaired players, view our

Welcome to All inPlay. Accessible Online Games. Try Free.
All inPlay is a place where blind and sighted folks from all over the world can come together to play accessible online multiplayer games. From our beginnings in a college dorm room in 1998, our goal has been to bring people together through online games

Alter Aeon
You'll never run out of things to do or people to talk to in the world of Alter Aeon. Dare you enter?

Alter Ego | Life Simulation Game
In this text-based interactive fiction, you choose what happens next. It's in the style of pick-a-path gamebooks, but with over a thousand multiple-choice

Angel Gift
When Lyriel, the weakest angel in Heaven finds out that she will not be among the angels handing out gifts on Christmas Day, she is truly disappointed.

Ashes Of Angels - Phoenix Rising
The year is 2184. Mankind has taken to the stars. Not for survival. Nor out of need. Simply because we could. We colonized other planets, through trial

Browser Based Game | Atorian is free to play
"The great thing about atorian is that suggestions from normal players realy get looked at and sometimes integrated in the next episode!" - Cten, Age 26, Belgum.

Audio Game Hub - Keep Your Ears Wide Open
Audio Game Hub is a set of eight experimental arcade videogames that use audio as their primary interface, making them accessible for both sighted and non-sighted users. Android, I phones, Windows based games

Audio Defence: Zombie Arena
Audio Defence: Zombie Arena....

Online RPG Game | Avalon | Text Based Games
Online RPG Game | Avalon | Text Based Games

Blind Gamers
This part  of the Spoonbill Software website is devoted to games for vision-impaired and blind players. All games are completely free of charge and are fully functional with no nag screens, adverts or time limits.

BG 15 Puzzle 1.0 is the second game in the Blind-gamers series which is not a card game. BG 15 Puzzle is played as follows. You have 15 blocks or tiles

BG Battleship is a blind accessible version of the popular pencil and paper game, Battleship. Each player has a certain number of ships which they place on their Ocean grid at the start of the game. Then players take it in turn to fire a shot at...

bg boggle
Boggle is played with 16 letter cubes arranged in a four by four grid. Each cube has 6 faces and each face of each cube contains a single letter of the alphabet. The exception to this is that a single face of one of the letter cubes contains a Q U combina

BG Brainiac 1.0 is Spoonbill Software's version of a game you may know as Concentration. It is blind accessible but graphics allow sighted players to also play along with blind players. Each player can choose to either use the keyboard or the mouse. A

BG Chess Challenge 1.0 is an accessible version of the popular board game. It is designed to play a good game of Chess against an average player. It is not designed to be world beating and has not been rated against any other chess engine. This is the fir

BG Code Breaker 1.0 is a blind accessible version of the game known variously as Code Breaker, Code Cracker or Codewords. The 26 letters of the alphabet are coded using a simple substitution code which randomly assigns a number from 1 to 26 to each letter

BG Cribbage 1.2 allows you to play 6-card Cribbage against the computer....

This page contains a list of British-style cryptic crosswords downloads suitable for use with BG Crossword Puzzle 1.0...

BG Draw Dominoes is a blind accessible version of the game of Draw Dominoes. You can play first to 100, first to 75 or first to 50 points....

BG LAP 1.0 is the first game in the Blind-gamers series which is not a card game. You are presented with an 8 by 8 array of tiles which are colored using a hidden color scheme. It is up to you to deduce the hidden color of each tile, accumulating as few p

Master Mind
BG Master Mind is a blind accessible version of the code-breaking puzzle game, Master Mind....

Mine Sweeper
BG Mine Sweeper 1.0 is an accessible version of the popular Microsoft Windows game Minesweeper. This is a solitaire game in which the player attempts to reveal the contents of all the squares of the game grid which do not contain mines. If a square contai

no mwhist
BG Nomination Whist 1.0 is an accessible version of the classic card game. As its name implies, the game is a member of the Whist family of card games....

BG Yahtzee 1.0 is an accessible version of Yahtzee, the popular dice game. The first release features only the original classic game for a single player.

BG Scrabble 2.0 allows up to four players to play the popular word game, Scrabble. It is blind accessible but graphics allow sighted players to play along...

BG Sudoku 1.0 is an accessible version of the logic puzzle which is sweeping the world with its popularity...

BG Uno 1.1 is an accessible version of the popular card game Uno. Uno has a special deck with four suits, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. There are 108 cards......

BG Word Builder 1.0 is a two player word game. In this game you pit your wits against the computer. The two players take it in turns to play a letter to the board, attempting to complete a word before their opponent....

Word Jumble
BG Word Jumble 1.0 is a word game where you try to unscramble letters to make words. In doing so you try to score as many points as possible, attempting...

Sonokids GamesChase Banjo-Aliens in the Sound-Forrest.....

BariBari Futsal
BariBari Futsal (Windows XP·VISTA·Windows7) The product version is charged, but the trial edition is free of charge.

free soft (WindowsXP,VISTA,7) You control "The fighter" and shoot down a UFO.

The sound can choose three types. SAPI, a clipboard output, a full voice .

Beach Volleyball
This game has 2 levels: level 1 "Play with the computer" and level 2 "Play with an opponent over the Internet". Please note, you can play with your opponent over the Internet only, not over the home network or the office network! Also, please note, some k

Oriol gaming zone!
Welcome to Oriol Gaming Zone!

Blade of Eternity - A fantasy text-based MMORPG
Step into the world of Blade of Eternity, and prove that you have what it takes to become the ultimate warrior. Blade of Eternity is a brand new fantasy text-based MMORPG. It is free to play. Blade of Eternity offers users new exclusive features, such as:

Lighttech Interactive - Light games!
Lighttech Interactive - Light games!....

Card games from BlindAdrenaline!
We've built the most feature rich set of online card games available for the blind, with the ability to set your own rules for your tables, invite friends for a private game, set up home made tournament style play and a whole slew of other unique feat

Blood Wars

Braminar for DOS (1987) Related Sites - MobyGames
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Audiogames Archive: Miscellaneous Titles
Audiogames Archive: Miscellaneous Titles

Chicken Killer
Audio games for blinds, Chicken Killer

English Vocabulary | Play online,
If you get it right, you get a harder question. If you get it wrong, you get an easier question.

Blind Tennis

Links to Accessible Games

your resource for audiogames, games for the blind, games for the visually impaired!

AudioJuegos .net


Marty's Blindfold Games

RS Games " Accessible Games for the Blind

Zork: The Cavern of Doom. As usual, you turn to the first page and begin reading. ...

LWorks - Zompocalypse
Zompocalypse is a zombie apocalypse themed sidescrolling hack and slash. You play the roll of a survivor of an infestation of zombies. Your goal is to track down the cause of the surge in zombies and to put a stop to it. You also have to keep yourself fro

LWorks - home
Welcome to the home of LWorks. LWorks produces affordable computer games for those with visual impairments. Whether you want to play an action packed side scroller, boggle your mind with logic and words, defeat the evil forces of an enemy army, or even ch

Zero Sight: Extended Operations
The player will once again be flying the LB-1117, through a more dynamic campaign of different missions and objectives. Zero Sight: Extended Operation is available in English with the documentation in English and Italian.

Your Story
A short, but deep, multiple-choice adventure. You are in search of your friend, in a strange, surreal, frosty land. Find the truth about why you are here,

Yellowbonnet is the first minigame in Valiant Galaxy Associates’ series of Western games. In the game, the player takes on the role of a new arrival in the western town of Yellowbonnet in the year 1885. As a newcomer, you need income. There are six jobs


Draconis - [Pinball Party Pack for Windows]

GMA Games - Pacman Talks for Windows
Written by PCS Games, Pacman Talks uses the GMA Game engine to produce a dynamic exciting sound-based arcade-style game. You control Pacman as he runs

Blastbay Studios
Welcome to Palace Punch-up! As the name suggests, the objective of the game is to break your opponent's magnificent palace down into a pile of junk in as short a time as is humanly possible while, of course, preventing the same terrible fate from befa

Paladin of the Sky

Adamson Family Home » Park Boss

Path to Pelantas
The best text-based fantasy browser game (PBBG)

[Ultimate SounDoku
As the Sudoku craze sweeps across the world, young and old alike are discovering the addictive fun of this brain-busting puzzle game. Though it exists in many forms, the basic concept is always the same: fill in every square on the puzzle-grid without rep

Unification Wars
Unification Wars is a free Massively Online Game with thousands of players !

Unseen |
Unseen is the name of a set of puzle games by Tursiops Truncatus software, with the Alpha missions being the first released in that set.

Urban Dead
Urban Dead - A Free Massively Multi-Player Web-Based Zombie Apocalypse

QuentinC's playroom
The Playroom is a free online gaming platform, especially made to be accessible to visually impaired people.

Warriors 2
Warriors is a fun game that is played right here on the net against your friends! When the mythological warriors of Valhalla died in battle, they were...

This time, rather than being an rpg, the game is (as you might imagine, a stratogy or simulation of war. Become ruler of a small kingdom surrounded by enemies, with a rebellion on the point of overthrowing your government, bandits pillaging at will and go

Win board is an accessible chess playing program intended to allow print disabled people access to playing chess by using either the Jaws or Nvda screen...

Windows glulx is an interpreter for playing glulx format interactive fiction (also known as text adventure), games. Developed by the same person as the

World of war
World of war is a space invaders like game and can in some ways be thought of as a homage to ,

Audiogames Archive: Games by Dreamtech Games
Games by Dreamtech games.

VIP Mud - A Fully Accessible Mud Client

Oriol gaming zone
This part of my website is dedicated to Oriol gaming Zone. I will be posting here the audio games I have created and/or translated. In the spanish site

The focus of this site is to provide a list of games accessible to blind players, sorted by average community rating so that you can quickly find the best games. Players can rate games and write reviews so that others can learn more about a game they may

Tarzan Junior
Tarzan Junior was the first commercial game produced by philip Bennefall under his first company, Pb games, now Blastbay Studios. The game is now released as Abandonware, but is very much worth playing.

Technoshock 3D Audiogame
Technoshock is a first-person 3D shooter in the style and spirit of the classic 3D shooter game 'DOOM'. Like traditional shooters, Technoshock lets you

Draconis - [Ten Pin Alley for Windows]
Together with PCS Games, Adora Entertainment has developed Ten Pin Alley. This is an updated version of PCS Games's Ten Pin game, which was originally

The Blind Swordsman
Play as a battle-worn swordsman who is on a quest to get his sight back by going through a dark path in a dangerous area of the world to see a powerful warlock who could have the powers to cure his blindness.

Welcome to the Chronicles of Arborell
Welcome Traveller. By a stroke of good fortune you have found your way to the realms of Arborell and the one true home of the Dragon Windhammer. Within these pages can be found everything needed to begin your exploration of these lands, and what follows h

The Curb Game
Life isn't really exciting when you're a hedge-hog living on a curb. But life is what you make of it! So get your quills moving because there's bound to be some excitement waiting in the place all hedge-hogs know as...The Other Curb!

The Dark Grimoire: A free text based roleplaying online game. ( MMORPG )

The Eternal Duel - Join the medieval free text RPG!

The Gate is an intense horror themed sidescroller with professional voice acting and sound design. It features hours of gameplay and loads of demonic monsters for you to vanquish.

The Last Crusade
Vaisara has requested that you bring peace back to this kingdom. Your journey will begin in the village of Cascata. Travel through the graveyard and reach Castle Lasarus. There you must kill King Lasarus. The fate of the Vaisara Kingdom is in your hands."

Wrestling Games -
WWE, TNA Wrestling Online

a fighter jet flight Simulator for the blind and visually Impaired

Time Hunter Multiplayer Game
Time Hunter is a multiplayer adventure game where players will move through eras in time, complete missions, slay monsters, join clans, gain treasure and

Time of Conflict
Time of Conflict is a strategy game that can be used by the visually impaired and sighted alike. The goal of the game is to subdue the enemy and capture all of its cities. When a city is captured it will begin producing forces that may be used against the

Talking Word Puzzles
Talking Word Puzzles is an accessible word puzzle program. It lets you create and solve hidden word and crossword puzzles and provides fun, high quality speech feedback and an animated character while navigating through the puzzle grids and when the stude

Playing in the dark
Top Speed is the name of the first game of the Playing in the dark team. It is a racing game based on sound. Like any racing game it's goal is to reach the finishline as fast as possible without crashing. The game will run on virtually any computer ru

Torn City
Online RPG game - Free text based games

Games by BPC Programs
BPC created a scattering of games, initially text-based titles for note takers, and then more advanced products for windows.

Valiant Galaxy Associates
Valiant Galaxy Associates was formed to provide quality audio games and applications for the blind and visually impaired. Our goal is to provide low cost gaming, high quality play experience, and where possible a high degree of replayability. No one compa

Twilight Heroes
Twilight Heroes is a FREE, browser-based superhero role-playing game.

Sammy center
Hello everyone, these are all my games, the ones i'm currently making. These are all the good fun games. The games that will be updates all the time.

PCS-Games Twenty Seventeen

Shades of Doom
Set in the not too distant future., Shades of Doom is a revolutionary Window’s-based game for the visually impaired. It creates a virtual reality using sound as it’s medium. It features multi-dimensional multi-layered sound, immersing the gamer into a

A policewoman with no destiny. An unscrupulous killer.

Audiogames Archive: Games by ESP Softworks
ESP Softworks created a collection of arcade titles in the 2000s. Most of these titles have since been taken over by Draconis entertainment. Therefore, all of the games from this page should be considered unsupported, and maintained for historical purpose

Draconis - [Home]

Rebound, is, ---- like several of their fully graphical games, a modern wrendering of an old arcade classic, ---- the game breakout. the year apparently

Rocky's Games
All these games are written in Python and compiled for windows. The larger games, with sounds and visuals come with a self installer. This is a simple and lightweight installer with absolutely no addware or unwanted toolbars. Simply download and run.

NationStates | create your own country
NationStates | create your own country

Majesty: Heroes of Ardania
Step into a world like no other. Ardania is a land filled with adventure and danger. Join the heroes of Ardania in their ever-vigilant task of keeping the evils of Ardania at bay...

VGStorm would like to welcome you to the world of Manamon! Manamon is a turnbased roleplaying game in which you capture various feral monsters you find around the world and use them to help you complete the storyline.

Mansion of Maleficence - A virtual gamebook

Materia Magica
A world of adventure is waiting


Metroplexity Help
Metroplexity is a browser-based roleplaying game focused on giving players freedom of choice. Multiple paths of advancement, interactive combat, and branching

Miriani is a multi-player online roleplaying game in which you take on the role of a starship pilot. Your goal is simply to make a life for yourself through

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